Another suburban family morning

I have a puppy.  Here’s a IMG_2913 4pic. You’re welcome.

I started writing this morning around 4 am since the darling pup had to go out and I couldn’t fall back asleep. Also, it’s a big morning, with the girls off to big adventures.

Now it’s evening, and the lights are low in the bedroom. The puppy is napping in her crate, and the five-year old, well, we’ll get to that.

Spending my days stamping out disease is great fun, but while I’m there, my wife is working her ass off. You see, we’re recently married, and our blended family just bought a house. Ok, really, we bought it several months ago, a fixer-upper. And the fixing-upping is taking a long time (painting goes kinda slow when the painters insist on making it to the bar by 2pm).

So we’re crazy enough to be living in temporary, albeit relatively comfortable quarters, with two kids and a new puppy. We really thought we’d be in the house. And since my wife works out of the house, well, let’s just say she’s incredibly competent and adaptable, as are the kids.

My eldest started high school on Tuesday, which is insane given she was just born. The school is huge, but her big cousin helped her navigate her way to class, and she seems happily on her way to being a successful high school student.

Our youngest started kindergarten today. It’s not my first time at this, so I wasn’t particularly nervous, and she was very comfortable when we dropped her off. An hour later school called to tell us about the fever and the puking.

So that leaves me, littlest, and puppy resting in a darkened (temporary) bedroom, sipping tylenol and watching Ocotnauts.

I couldn’t be happier.