Medical Musings, New Beginnings

I started the blog "White Coat Underground" over ten years ago, in the days when you could rant on anonymously about anything and people would actually read and comment.   It was a real conversation, albeit an often jejeune and self-indulgent one. I  ranted (intelligently) against quackery, but also began to talk about life, fatherhood, … Continue reading Medical Musings, New Beginnings

Piss whiskey and bad medicine

As you tip your glass on the holiday, here's a little piece from the archives for you. Originally posted September 7, 2010--PalMD   Chasing around wild internet stories is a full time job, and I already have one of those, but thanks to a friend (h/t Dr. Isis), a wild story came across my desk … Continue reading Piss whiskey and bad medicine

Captain of the men of death

Originally posted November 28, 2009. --PalMD I have in front of me a weathered copy of Cecil's Textbook of Medicine from 1947. It belonged to my father, who graduated from medical school in the 1940s. Even then, it was known that pneumoccus, a common bacterium, can live harmlessly in the nose and throat and only … Continue reading Captain of the men of death