Real outreach

It's no secret that doctors don't often look like their patients.  This simplistic observation hides a more complex set of effects: in addition to the economic problems faced by minorities seeking medical care, there is a quieter, dirtier history, one of forced sterilization, institutionalization, research abuse (and, one might argue, murder).  It should then be … Continue reading Real outreach

Thunder and lightning

I'd be asleep right now if a loud clap of thunder hadn't sent me bolt upright.  Fortunately, my daughter's only reaction was to mutter senselessly, turn over, and snore peacefully. She's slept with me nearly every night since her mother has been in the hospital.   She's done remarkably well with unexpected changes, even sleeping … Continue reading Thunder and lightning

Heart disease deaths dropping, but we can do better

Here's a re-post on an important topic.  New posts to follow.  --PalMD   Sixty years ago,  the world was full of miracles.  Western Europe was recovering from the devastation of World War II, an agricultural revolution promised to banish the fear of starvation in large parts of the world, and the mythical Mad Men era … Continue reading Heart disease deaths dropping, but we can do better