Supporting the unsupportable

This is entirely my fault.  I have been staying away of late from more confrontational posts about altmed, mostly out of fatigue.  I also would prefer to blog about medicine, family, and various train-of-thought nonsense.  But I went and got myself quoted and a number of folks seem displeased.  Supporters of chiropractic neck manipulation, a practice … Continue reading Supporting the unsupportable

The "hCG diet": a fraud literally without substance

Back in the 1950s, a British endocrinologist named ATW Simeons had an idea: a human pregnancy hormone called hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) could help people lose weight without feeling hungry.  His idea was to put obese patients on a 500 kcal a day diet (in contrast, you probably eat about that much or more at … Continue reading The "hCG diet": a fraud literally without substance

Will finding sex partners online make you sick?

Today seemed like a good day for a repost.  This piece gets lots of hits, albeit probably not what the searcher was hoping for.  --PalMD To people who grew up before the internet, the debate about whether Craigslist should be allowed to post “erotic services” must seem bizarre. But meeting people online, whether for romance, … Continue reading Will finding sex partners online make you sick?

Another day…

My poor, poor blog.  So neglected.  So much quackery left un-busted.  It turns out that real life can sometimes be more consuming than other interests.  After a significantly disruptive illness, life rarely snaps back to it's previous shape, but slowly takes on new forms and habits.  I no longer have to bathe MrsPal and pack … Continue reading Another day…


Last night PalKid really wanted to sleep with Mommy, so after getting the kiddo washed up and heparinizing MrsPal's IV, I tucked them in, turned out the light, and backed away slowly. This gave me a little while to browse the Twitters, and I started eavesdropping on a conversation between authors Tom Levinson and Jennifer Ouellette. … Continue reading Eavesdropping