Piss whiskey and bad medicine

As you tip your glass on the holiday, here's a little piece from the archives for you. Originally posted September 7, 2010--PalMD   Chasing around wild internet stories is a full time job, and I already have one of those, but thanks to a friend (h/t Dr. Isis), a wild story came across my desk … Continue reading Piss whiskey and bad medicine

Captain of the men of death

Originally posted November 28, 2009. --PalMD I have in front of me a weathered copy of Cecil's Textbook of Medicine from 1947. It belonged to my father, who graduated from medical school in the 1940s. Even then, it was known that pneumoccus, a common bacterium, can live harmlessly in the nose and throat and only … Continue reading Captain of the men of death

Should I lick this?

Originally posted October 14, 2010.  A little weekend repost. --PalMD When I lived in Northern California, I would often hear stories about people scouring the back country for psychedelic toads.  In popular imagination, these toad wranglers would then gather around bonfires and with great ceremony and earnestness, they would lick hapless bufoids until they (the … Continue reading Should I lick this?

Return of an old foe

In 2000, a panel of experts was brought together by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). They came to discuss whether measles was still endemic in the United States, that is whether it still existed in the general background of US infectious diseases. They concluded that measles had been eradicated in the US, … Continue reading Return of an old foe