Medical Musings, New Beginnings

I started the blog “White Coat Underground” over ten years ago, in the days when you could rant on anonymously about anything and people would actually read and comment.  
It was a real conversation, albeit an often jejeune and self-indulgent one. I  ranted (intelligently) against quackery, but also began to talk about life, fatherhood, mortality, ethics. Some of the old pieces are “cringey” (as my daughter would say, but my saying it would be even more cringey), but some of them I’m still proud of. I’ve started archiving most of it, as life has changed so much.

I don’t think of blogs as a “thing” anymore, certainly not a thing to be monetized and promoted. But even if no one reads, writing is itself a good exercise.

Good writing is good because it’s real, it’s about what you know, and much of what I know isn’t mine to share. My oldest is old enough to not want her life shared by me (although I might have to just a bit). And patients’ stories, well, that’s a matter of decades of controversy. I always mask stories a great deal, just short of fictionalizing really, but I’m still cautious.

Anyway, if you choose to read once in a while, I’ll write once in a while. Welcome (back).