April, vernal and triumphant

Running season has finally risen from its wint’ry grave and the trails are crowded with celebrants. My running calendar pinpoints my sloth as beginning in mid-November, coincident with the start of the Worst Winter Ever.

Excuses melted away with the last of the snowbanks and my sneakers stiff with un-use are getting some fresh air. Unfortunately, this weekend’s lovely weather was accompanied by a miserable case of influenza b which has left my spouse bed-bound. The trail will just have to wait for her a few more days.

With the warm air (which is expected to take a quick break this week allowing a bit of last snowfall) comes tornado season marked by the whines and howls of my terrified child. Not that she’s ever seen a tornado but every time the sirens go off or the weather even looks threatening, she’s grabbing her favorite stuffed animals and heading for the basement.

At the moment though I’m at one of those trampoline places where pop music blares, whistles whistle, and kids scream as the leap from platform to platform. It’s a migraine-inducing hell, but the kids do seem to love it. It’s strictly a no-shoes affair and I just saw some adult walk out of the bathroom in bare feet. I’m not squeamish, but I can’t imagine what twisted circuitry would allow a grown man to stand at a urinal in bare feet. Yech.

I suppose I should just be grateful I’m not holed up in the plague-house. I’ve enjoyed serving up meals in bed and all, but if I want to escape unscathed I’d better keep myself anywhere but home.

Start spring out right. Go for a walk. Look down at the crocuses. Enjoy the rumble of spring storms. Shake off the long winter and get outside.

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