Thanks, Kid

I’m not gonna lie—I’m a fat, lazy slob. Last summer and fall I moved my sorry but motivated ass down the trail 4-5 days a week, doing my lame but effective intervals. I was all ready with my cold weather gear—and then a winter that would have frozen off the Stark’s cojones.

Like the parade of tired patients slouching into my exam room, I basically gave up, and as you know, once you give up, it’s hard to get out there again.

But the roads are finally back in their pot-holed glory. The lawns, yellowed and battered by unrelenting snow are looking, well, dead, but at least I can see them. And PalKid asked me to pull out her bike.

There are people out walking! Lots of them! And we took off tonight, she in her pjs on her bike, me in my muddy-weather running shoes. These were intervals, alright. I kept up with her on the flats, and lost her when I took a break to walk. I didn’t bring my Garmin, but we probably did a couple of miles and would have kept going but for the dark.

So, I think I’m back. Join me out on the trail and get your asses moving. The world won’t run out of cookies.

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  1. Welcome back! You should pull out your own bike too!

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