Liberals: stop apologizing

If elections results are to be believed, about half of US voters are “conservative”. Why are liberals so apologetic? Why so willing to compromise beliefs?

Submitted as an example, abortion. Conservatives have no problem making it a dichotomous issue of good and evil. They are unapologetically against a woman’s rights over her own body. They continue to act as if humanity comprises two creatures: people, and women.

We liberals, as human beings, find this abhorrent, but we have diverse views. This diversity can sometimes lead to a willingness to compromise amongst ourselves, but that willingness sometimes bleeds into our interactions with conservatives.

“Abortion should be legal, safe, and rare,” is a common rallying cry on the left, and a stupid one. If you truly believe in a woman’s physical automony, then abortion should be “legal, safe, and none of my damned business.”

This wishy-washy bullshit opens us up to the bullying of the right. Many liberals may believe the “rare” part, but many of us see that as a related but separate reproductive rights issue. Access to contraception, something the right also abhors, does not guarantee fewer abortions; it is another layer of autonomy for women, one that shouldn’t have to be “added”.

If we really believe in human rights, in the right to work with dignity, equality of all people, freedom from hunger, access to healthcare—if we are to call these “rights”—then we cannot be apologetic. The Right succeeds with their base by being uncompromising in their defense of inequality and prejudice. We need to be equally unapologetic, unwilling to compromise on human rights.

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  1. “We need to be equally unapologetic, unwilling to compromise on human rights.” Yes. This.

    I’m always confused by the way in which liberals take the nonsense from the right so seriously. Theirs is the party that sends its leaders to training to learn how not to say “legitimate rape” in public. They deserve marginalization, not compromise.

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