My continuing effort to avoid death

In my continuing effort to not die of a preventable disease, I’ve been running pretty regularly. Last winter was a bit of a disaster. The neighborhood I was living in wasn’t good for running, and the trail was covered in ridges of ice. That was my excuse.

This spring I felt like I was made of lead. Finally, I realized I should follow the advice I’d been given and try some intervals. I started with one minute each of walking and running and barely made it a mile. But it got better (except for one time when I tried to run after drinks with a friend. Bad idea.).

I ended up sticking with a 2:1 minute interval for a while, and watched my speed and endurance creep up. Up north I started running with a couple of friends. Normally I like to run alone, but I’ve found that when I take my regular Saturday run with friends, it goes quickly and easily. Yesterday I accidentally ran 3 1/2 miles (which for me is a lot. I’m quite happy with two.).

I don’t recommend running for everyone. Yesterday I ended up icing my shins for an hour. But no matter how crappy exercise feels when you first start out, it gets better (assuming no horrible medical problems). A walk to the mailbox and back counts. Do that enough times and you may graduate to half a block. It’s all good

I’ll see you on the trail.

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