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Ok, I admit it: I was a crappy runner this winter. I was looking over my data on one of the usual running sites and found that just about the time the weather took a dive, so did I. Getting started again this spring wasn’t easy.

I don’t know how much has to do with age or just intolerance to discomfort, but starting out again this spring was painful. I could barely run a quarter of a mile without looking for an oxygen tank (no, they don’t have those on the trail). As it often is with running, some days were worse, some worser.

I decided to give myself a break. I did some walking with a friend, which felt great, then started doing some simple intervals, 2 minutes walking, 1 running, for 2-3 miles at a time. Yesterday I took off on my run and when my watch said it was time to walk, I was disappointed—the running felt smooth and easy.

I have no idea really whether my recent improvement has anything to do with the intervals as such; maybe it’s just that the intervals allowed me to get back into things. Either way, I’m happy with the whole thing, and ready to start stretching out my run to walk ratio.

Friends, don’t let feeling like shit stop you. If you feel horrid, do a little walking and try again later. Just keep moving.

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  1. Paradoxically, running here near Phoenix is a lot easier during the winter, and generally insane during the summer.

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