First World Problems

The voters of the state of Michigan approved a law last year that allows the governor to appoint an “emergency manager” for cities he deems in financial distress. He did this for Detroit this year, effectively disenfranchising 3/4 million residents. Yesterday the EM said he would not rule out selling off some or all of the collection of the Detroit Institute for the Arts, one of the nations finest art museums. Suddenly, after voting for the law and watching the Detroit city government lose its power, the suburbs are enraged. Seriously, if you tell your poorer, darker-hued neighbors that you’re taking over the town and then complain when the cuts might actually inconvenience the lighter-hued citizens, you’ve got to re-examine your thinking.

Re-examine Your Thinking

The good people of the State of Oklahoma are no strangers to tornadoes, and can smell them from a mile away. Norman-based experts track dangerous storms and word gets out as quickly as possible for folks to take shelter. Only, most Okies (? PC) don’t have tornado shelters. They don’t have basements, safe rooms, or other places that might keep them from getting impaled by a two-by-four. But Oklahomans are an independent bunch:

“we are a pretty independent free people who don’t like being told what to do” ….

That’s great, but seriously, seriously misguided. If your ideology requires you to put you and your children at risk because of your ideology, it’s time to stop asking “why me?” and start digging. Yeah, there’s money involved, but this is a perfect situation for a little federal support.

Speaking of Federal Funds

20130524-122048.jpgA bridge collapsed in Washington State today. The bridge was, by all reports, a geriatric pile of stressed steel waiting for any excuse to collapse. And lots of our bridges are like that. Travel to any western European country and take a look. All those crazy taxes are doing something—they actually look like modern nations. Our infrastructure would look great to pre-DeLorean Doc Brown, but damn, how stupid are we?

Have a nice weekend. Watch where you drive.

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  1. becca

     /  May 24, 2013

    Yeah. I want to give ALL THE FINAICIAL ASSISTANCES to Oklahoma, but with the string that it has to go to FIRST rebuilding schools with community storm shelters.

  2. DrugMonkey

     /  May 24, 2013

    “Independent” people who know that FEMA will come and bail them out if anything bad happens.

  3. Of course these fucken red-state right-wing republican filth are parasites on the normal decent blue-state citizens whose federal taxes support their disgusting right-wing filth asses.

  4. keepntch

     /  May 25, 2013

    It is beyond comprehension that citizens in this country would vote for the emergency manager laws.

  5. TGAP Dad

     /  May 26, 2013

    Correction: in November of 2012, Michigan voters DISapproved, a draconian emergency law. The republican-dominated legislator quickly passed a new EFM law which included a token budgetary allocation to make it immune to a voter referendum.

  6. Amy (T)

     /  May 29, 2013

    as and Okie, I approve of your usage. I can’t guarantee this fund will go to the schools, but as an Okie who used to live just a few miles south of Moore (and saw the ’99 damage firsthand), this is a good organization based out of my current home of Tulsa: https://tulsacf.org/

    the tornado relief fund started it’s fund from the George Kaiser Family Foundation, and anything they put their money behind, I trust.

    I, myself, am looking for a fund that goes to helping people get safe rooms installed. If anyone wants to help me get one, I’m available . . .

  7. Valeria

     /  May 31, 2013

    Addition to TGAP Dad’s correction: When Republicans passed a substantially identical EFM law in the lame duck session, they passed the new law with a minimum amount of “funding,” making it much harder to be overturned with another voter-initiated referendum.

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