My Dearest Readers

Dear Readers:

Hey, whassup!

Welcome back. I’m dusting off the furniture and moving back in—sort of. I’m having a great time writing over at Forbes (and I sincerely hope you’re reading!), but let’s face it: Forbes is a news outlet, and not a great place to put on the personal touches.

So, I’m re-opening WCU here at WordPress for my non-medical bits: family anecdotes, poetic musings, fiction, political rants, whatever. I invite you to follow both blogs for a complete look under the white coat.


Grand Traverse Bay. Yes, it’s that cold.

OK, that came out wrong, but you get what I’m saying.

So the other night my dad and I were talking about the latest cosmology story in the papers. PalKid, always the eavesdropper, asked what we were talking about. How the hell can I explain cosmology—something I barely understand—to a third grader? The first step, I figured, was ‘c’. Without understanding that light has a finite velocity, there’s no way to understand anything else.

As it turns out, third graders are capable of getting it. I started out with explaining how when we turn on the lights, it seems instantaneous but it’s not. Then we moved up to the sun. “It takes eight minutes?”

Then we moved up to nearby stars, and finally the edges of time. It was amazing. The kid soaked it up like a sponge. And then she went back to watching re-runs of Full House.

Anyway, spring is on the way. The blacked-capped chickadees are getting noisy, the robins fat. If the thermometer would just cooperate…

The domain will from this point forward direct here, and to get to Forbes, plug in my addy there, and thanks for reading.

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  1. Sup. You all go commando under the white coat? Rock on, doc.

  2. Ross

     /  March 27, 2013

    Welcome back.

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