Winter’s alright with me

Yesterday I hear an unexpected black-capped chickadee, mixed with wind in the pine trees. The roar of wind in the pines is great when your inside, but when you’re in a tent, it makes you wonder if you’ll be wind-bound the next day, if a storm will knock down your tent. But I’m loving the sounds of winter this year.

Those of you from the north know the non-sound of snow falling, the “indoors” feeling of sounds after a heavy snowfall. When we do get enough snow around here (my area is in a bit of a snow shadow) I head out on snowshoes a find my self alone in a large metro area, able to enjoy the sounds. The other night I heard howling and yipping, and had no idea whether it was dogs or coyotes (or both).

The frigid weather this past week gave our local landfill-associated ski areas to make a ton of snow. I dragged PalKid out of bed and we’re heading out soon for a day of brief runs on grainy snow. It’s gonna be a blast.

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