Update from the home front

I’m looking forward to that extra hour tonight. PalKid had a friend sleep over which as any parent knows means less sleep for everyone. She and her little buddy snuck into my room at 7 am on the dot to wake me.  Of course, they’re hungry. Bagels and lox for me and her little buddy, bagel with butter for PalKid. One cup of coffee later, I’m still fighting myself over whether to go back to sleep or go for a run.

I’ve finally found a running form that doesn’t injure me regularly. Running is a lot more fun when you don’t have to immerse your entire body in ice afterwards. Running will be a challenge either way this weekend. I’m on call, and while that’s usually fairly easy, calls always come in when you’re running, showering, on the top of a ladder, or juggling burning chainsaws covered in botox.

Oh, and a lesson to the docs out there: if you’re not looking at your own X-rays, start doing it. Trust me. You may not be a radiologist, but you know the patient, and the radiologists “atypical infiltrate” is your patient’s lung cancer staring you in the face.

I’m obviously not posting as much as I used to, but I’m pretty happy about the last few weeks’ writing, so please consider scrolling down and checking it out.

Happy weekend!

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  1. Happy weekend, dear brother Pal! I’d wish you an uninterrupted run, but I know better than to tempt the beeper gods.

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