NRO to GOP: “You’re a bunch of un-American wusses”

Yeah, it’s shootin’ fish in a barrel, going over to the National Review Online for blog-fodder.  A more wretched hive of scum and villainy organized in the defense of hate is hard to find. But this piece really cracked me up. According to some guy called Dennis Prager, the GOP are a bunch of pansies for cutting their convention short—not because Tropical Storm Isaac failed to tear Tampa to pieces, but because Real Americans aren’t ascared a no stinkin’ Hur’cane.

This is a nationwide trend. No more dodge ball lest a kid feel bad about being knocked out of the game. Why couldn’t the Republicans’ convention go on as scheduled, and only be cancelled if and when a real hurricane rendered it impossible? Has Katrina become to weather what Vietnam became to America fighting wars? Or are we just becoming a weaker society, wherein the Republican party, instead of fighting the nanny state, becomes one itself?  Here in drizzly Tampa, as an American and as a Republican, I am embarrassed.

What an idiot.  According to this guy, our biggest mistake with Katrina was not flooding the city with church-going, God-fearing Republican men to stand up to the storm, like Anderson Cooper, a stiff tree in the wind, bending, but not breaking.  Or maybe something like that.

He’s embarrassed for Americans and the GOP? I’m embarrassed anyone can read this and not think is was written by a seventeen year-old booger-eater living in his mom’s basement.


  1. Old Geezer

     /  August 27, 2012

    In all fairness, have you looked in his mom’s basement?

  2. saffronrose

     /  August 28, 2012

    My in-laws survived Erin and Opal in 1995, but Destin’s collection of gulf-front high-rise condos, and a lot of the fishing business did not. They stayed for Erin (and I was there, too), but they barely got out of Destin in time when Opal roared in, and she followed them all the way to Birmingham, their usual run-to in hurricane season.

    Sorry, Real Americans are wary about those stinkin’ Hur’canes–you know, the ones who think, assess risk and possible damage, and how much the blasted insurance companies will wiggle out of paying this time? I think they’re still arguing in court whether Opal’s storm surge was wind-driven water (homeowner’s insurance) or water-driven water (flood insurance).

    I notice that no one is giving the RR/evangelical conservatives/teapartiers the usual nonsense they give places where disaster has hit–that it was God’s judgement due to the sinfulness of the area’s population (usually regarding gays, it seems). Now given that the southeastern and many midwestern states have regular storms, droughts, tornados, floods, you name it, and much of the population is Southern Baptist or stricter, wouldn’t their God be punishing them, maybe for being so hateful and mean? Nope–can’t be, because we’re Righteous.

    I just wonder how the late Isaac Bonewits feels about the political disruption a hurricane with his name on it is doing.

    Schadenfreude? Me? Why, whatever makes you say that?

  3. Bruce Heerssen

     /  August 28, 2012

    I’m always gobsmacked by the winger attitude that war is the best thing ever; that America should be the bully of the playground, always bragging and beating up on the little kids while posturing for the big kids.

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