Homophobic chickens and other oddities

In case you haven’t been following this, the CEO of some crappy fast food chain has come out publicly against marriage equality. That’s one homophobic dude. One. So really, who cares? Except he’s rallied legions of like-minded bigots. Thousands of gay-hatin’ chicken-lovin’ Americans have come out of the homophobia closet to show their monochromatic douchebaggery off in public, lining up with other oppressed Homophobic-Americans to buy atherogenic food-like products. I guess I an understand their fear. I mean, Homophobic-Americans are  oppressed, what with the gays causing so many heterosexual marriages to collapse into chaos, and with people calling them names like hate-filled douchenozzles and bigoted troglodytes. That’s gotta hurt. And there’s only one cure for that kinda hurt, and that’s turning up the hate a notch.

Some chicken-frying CEO does some bigoted Bible-thumping, well, duty calls you to defend your right to be heterosexual in peace—if peace means that everyone has to be consumed by the same hatred as you.

This is my last post before I head up to northern Ontario where the internet is scarcer than straight dudes at a leather bar (in other words, theres a probably more internet than I think). Some summer camps focus on instilling hatred of other religions, of other ethnicities, other sexual identities. This one doesn’t. It focuses on producing kids who are both independent and able to work well together, kids who can think for themselves. I don’t know how many of these kids may identify themselves as other than heterosexual some day, but I do know that I’m not going to be the one they think of when they are made to feel ashamed. The sexuality of me, my family, my friends isn’t my readers’ business, and isn’t important. Equal rights for all Americans to love whom they wish is simply moral, correct, and inevitably coming to a statehouse near you.

You shouldn’t jump onto the right side of history simply because you want to be with the crowd. That’s the same thinking that gets people lining up to by homophobic fried food. You should be for right because it is right. Being moral isn’t always easy. But it usually leads to good for those around you.


  1. I like this post almost as much as Blag Hag’s. Well said and enjoy your trip to Canada! I suspect the country that provides healthcare as a basic human right probably has as much, if not more, internet.

  2. DrugMonkey

     /  August 3, 2012

    Yeah. I really don’t understand how these sad dead-enders can fail to see what try will look like in 10-15 yrs time. It won’t be 40 this time. Sad, deluded, hatefull people on the wrong side of history for far too long. Why would they embrace this?

  3. I don’t know how many of these kids may identify themselves as other than heterosexual some day

    Current estimates are between 6 to 8%, possibly as high as 10%. Transgender – not, strictly speaking, a sexual orientation – at around 1% according to the latest survey. Even if we stick to the conservative estimate of 6%, that’s 1 person in 20 homophobes fear and hate for no good reason. What a waste of energy.

    Meantime, as one obviously-tormented child said during a talk I gave recently: “Why are we all focussing on gays when children are dying in Africa?”

  4. Some of those chickens are Jewish. But don’t tell anyone, ok?

  5. Isis the Scientist

     /  August 3, 2012

    Have a great time at camp, Pal!!

  6. Amy (T)

     /  August 3, 2012

    While I completely agree with you on their hate-filled homophobic stance, and this has finally pushed me over the edge in boycotting them, I take exception to the description of their fried crappy food. It is delicious, like crack to me (and my daughter) and I’m crying inside over the loss of eating there! Go check their calorie count, they have some of the fewest calories in the fast food biz. My meal of choice is 6 chicken nuggets with the 60 cal side salad and fat free dressing, the whole meal is around 300 calories. Everyone says it’s just lard filled food, when the offer awesome salads and claim to use peanut oil, it’s actually better than most fast food chains. It’ll be a loss, I’d love for a liberal company to make similar food.

  7. Old Geezer

     /  August 3, 2012

    So you don’t think those folks are lined up waiting to take food to homeless people or to volunteer at a soup kitchen?

  8. wmdkitty

     /  August 3, 2012

    “Equal rights for all Americans to love whom they wish is simply moral, correct, and inevitably coming to a statehouse near you.”

    Mind if I share this on facebook?

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