More heat wave musings.

Damn it’s hot. I sat in the back yard after sunset hoping it would cool down, but no luck.  I lay on my back looking up at the hardwood canopy.  There’s a mix of maples, oaks, walnuts. One tree in particular was very active. There were at least three species of squirrel jumping from branch to branch, and a few different sorts of little brown birds.  I could hear a blue jay, but that was coming from one of the walnuts.  As the sweat started beading on my forehead I wondered why this tree and not the others? This one was tall, but crooked with several missing branches, some torn off in a recent storm. I walked along the fence separating my yard from the wooded right-of-way looking up and down…and down…and probably an answer.  The ground was littered with mulberries.  There weren’t any on the lower branches, but they sure didn’t fall from the oak tree.

That mystery solved, I trudged inside for a nice cold shower, which I will undoubtedly repeat before bedtime. Damn it’s hot.

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  1. Well, about the heat wave, I think Roy Orbison summarized it best:

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