Mothers’ Day Dinner

  • Assortment of cheeses and fresh fruit, fresh baguette
  • Sauteed veal, piccata style, with brown mushrooms
  • Small brussels sprouts with burnt onion and basil
  • Risotto with sun-dried tomato, thyme, fresh peas
  • Five calls from answering service
  • One mother-in-law, one mother, one father, one sister-in-law, one daughter (all relationships stated from personal perspective)
  • No wife, last seen on camel-back in Negev desert

Happy mothers’ day to all (especially a couple of my bloggy friends: one an almost-mom, a few mom’s twice over).


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  1. About a million years BP I spent a month doing archaeology in the Negev. What an amazing experience… Where I met a very nice doctor and his wife who had bailed out of the US to staff the clinic on the kibbutz I stayed at. MrsPal isn’t scouting for you, is she?

    And thanks! I’m incredibly lucky to be my children’s mom.

  2. PalMom

     /  May 22, 2012

    Great dinner! Thanks, Pal. Wonderful way to celebrate Mother’s day.

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