Bad headline! Bad!

I browse through the science news several times a day, and I love running into great science and health journalism like that of Carl Zimmer or Trine Tsouderos.  I feel sad, though, when an otherwise decent story is ruined by a spectacularly bad headline.  And that’s what I ran into yesterday.  I know my readers will see the problem:

Leapin’ lizards! Man-eaters were quite the acrobats

See the problem?  It’s a story about modeling the movements of velociraptors.  While ‘raptors may have eaten meat, they most definitely did not feed on human flesh, Jurassic Park notwithstanding.  It may seem like nit-picking, but it’s hard enough educating the public without headline writers tossing a fossilized femur into the works.

Want to learn about the evolution of dinosaurs, mammals, and everything else?  Read Written in Stone, by Brian Switek.  I’d recommend reading it while sitting at the computer so you can google up pictures and other information that parallel and supplement the book.  If you read it, we’ll have one more person who will do a spit take on seeing headlines like this.

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  1. Nooooooo! Dangit, now the Discovery Institute is going to use that headline as a primary source!

  2. Also, they weren’t lizards.

  3. that’s what Sarah Palin tried to explain 🙂

  4. I meant that picture

  5. Stephen Rockower, MD

     /  January 14, 2012

    Another great book is “Finding Darwin’s God” by Kenneth Miller. A terrific summation of the science of geology, evolution etc, and an exploration of where God is in all this…

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