Friday meanderings

Short day at the office, as Friday’s often are. I left a bit of a mess on my desk as I wanted to get home and go for a run before the evening shift. It’s a pleasure to run during the day for once. I did discover another fact about winter running; when at the bottom of the hill, it’s hot. At the top, the freezing wind can tear the skin off your face. Either way, by the end I had torn off my hat and unzipped my sweatshirt.

On my way back to the hospital I turned on CBC Radio2. What an awesome station; I’m glad I live near the border. Except they have an unhealthy obsession with Arcade Fire, a band that sounds a bit like an unnatural union of Cold Play and the Grateful Dead. I don’t care how Canadianly polite they are, they are not good. Peace, Order, and Good Government are well and good, but poutine and Arcade Fire they can keep.

The female Pal’s are in another Large Midwestern City for the weekend which means IT’S PARTY TIME, which for me means lying around in my pj’s eating chocolate and watching TV…all after a good run of course. I’ve noticed that whenever I’m left alone, everyone wants to make sure I don’t starve. I usually get more dinner invitations than I know what to do with. I love the love, but I love to catch up on my rest, too. And really, do I look like I miss a lot of meals?

Since I’ll be lying around in a dissipated state surrounded by candy wrappers, TV remotes, and computer cords, you can expect a few tweets and maybe a post or two.  If they don’t make much sense, I’m doing something right.

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