My daughter the commie

Yesterday, PalKid asked me what “Labor Day” is.  I said, “let me run into the coffee shop for a sec, and when I get back I’ll explain.”

After gathering my thoughts a bit, I told her how lots of people work and hard and dangerous jobs, and that a long time ago, these workers got together to get their bosses to make their jobs pay better and to make them safer.  So, we have a day to celebrate all the people that work hard.

MrsPal explained that most people have the day off and do things that are relaxing.

“But Daddy works.”

“Well, honey, you can see how some places just can’t close, right?”

“Like hospitals, because then who would take care of sick people?”


“Why are so many other things open then, like restaurants and drugstores?”

Good question, Kiddo.


  1. love it.

    …you didn’t go into the most of the rest of the world celebrate (or what to call it) Labour day the 1st of May? (just in case she wants to turn pinkie 😉 )

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