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During the last year, our school board addressed the coming budgetary disaster.  Falling property taxes, declining enrollment, a a host of other recession-related factors have gutted our school system, and the board worked hard to keep the system solvent. This involved closing a number of schools, increasing class sizes, and decreasing activities such as music and art.   The computer lab had to be closed down and turned into a classroom.  Extra tables and chairs were put into the classrooms to accommodate the increasing numbers of students.  The first grade classrooms look more like child warehouses than fun places to learn.

Just a few mile south of here, the Detroit Public Schools make ours look like heaven.  And just a few miles to the northeast, one of the wealthiest systems in the country spends three times what ours does per child.

These disparities are built into the system.  As a nation, we simply do not care if we educate our children properly.  The system is designed to starve already poor systems and enrich those that are already rich.

We can vote for policy makers who wish to change the system, but meanwhile kids are suffering.  Last year, you helped raise over $8,000 for classroom projects in Michigan.  These projects reached over 2500 kids, and most of these projects will serve several years of students.

It’s time again.  The unemployment rate in Michigan is about 14%.  Home foreclosures are climbing.  School is often the only stable place for Michigan children.  The projects supported by you through Donors Choose are efficient: they reach a large number of children for small amounts of money.  Please consider giving anything—even a few dollars.  It makes a difference.


  1. Claudia

     /  October 5, 2010

    After 15 November, no spare cash right now.

  2. Hey PalMD – thanks for helping students through! So excited to get this challenge started – may the best blog win!

  3. PalMD

     /  October 7, 2010

    Well, PZ is playing along, so may the best blog come in second!

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