"The economy sucks, but cancer sucks more"

I have this friend. Wait, let me backtrack. I have this other friend, his name is Danny Dan. We pretty much grew up together, but lost touch as adults. A couple of years ago, I was at the mall with my little girl, and I saw a kid with a name tag from the same school as my kid. On the tag was his last name. I took one look, and I knew it was Dan’s son. I’m sure Lori had something to do with it, but the boy looks just like Dan.

Dan, Lori, and Hayden

I know Lori was involved with making the kid because she gave birth to him. A few weeks after mini-Dan was born, she went to her follow up OB visit and was found to have metastatic ovarian cancer. She and Dan have sought the best care available, and because of that she’s still alive (and usually well) today. She has a very cool attitude to her disease: she calls it her “job”, and the infusion center is her “office”. Thankfully, her office is very close to mine and I get to visit her at work.
Re-establishing my friendship with Danny Dan has been great, and my wife and I have become great friends with Lori. And PalKid is rather fond of mini-Dan.


He is in so much trouble

And as if all this weren’t enough, Lori gives talks about cancer, and has her own blog. In fact everything about Lori is cool—except the fucking cancer (you think you’ve got a lousy job…).
Even though raising a kid and dealing with cancer is a full time job, Lori does other pretty cool stuff, and part of that is raising money for cancer research through Relay for Life.
This event is not only good for helping support the fight against cancer, it’s also great for survivors and their families, giving them another way to fight back and “feel the love”.
So, I know the economy sucks—believe me, I know. But if you have even a buck or two to spare, head on over to the website and give a little. Really, if even a few people give a few bucks, it will go a long way.


  1. Reproduction really does seem to give certain cancers a boost. In my moms case it was breast cancer that she ignored for years. Ultimately killed her at 33 years old.

  2. peter…
    that is so sweet! i have tears in my eyes…
    i appreciate the post. it really is a great event and i will work to raise as much money as i can so people can beat this disease.
    i do hate going to my “office”, but the benefit by far is getting to see you, and so many of the great friends i have made at the hospital. (but none of them are as great as you!!!!)
    thanx..youre the best!!!!

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